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Mr. Clean - Trisha Vidrine

Whenever I think about Levi, the first story that comes to mind happened a few years ago at Michael and Lindsay’s house. We were all gathered there for Halloween so the kids can go trick-or-treating together. When in walks Levi as “Mr. Clean”.

He was dressed all in white and had the shiniest head I’ve ever seen! I’d swear he must have polished it. What a perfect costume for someone in the midst of chemo treatments and already bald as a cucumber. He used his illness to its full potential and put smiles on all our faces. It was the bravest thing I’ve seen in a very long time.

I’m heartbroken for his sweet family to have lost him too soon but ohhhhh the memories he has left behind for you.



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Lindsay Vidrine
Lindsay Vidrine
Sep 26, 2023

This is one of my favorite Levi memories too! He nailed that costume.

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