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Levi's Impact - Lindsey Taylor

A few weeks ago, my youngest daughter Emma broke her arm at school. While we were at the urgent care getting her splinted, I noticed the medical assistant's socks. They were a bright color with rock climbers on them. Naturally, I asked if he was into climbing or just cool socks, which he answered that he climbs. Well of course I had to ask if he knew who Levi Wilkins is.

As soon as I said Levi, his face lit up and we began to talk about Levi, his story, how he was one of the greatest climbers in the nation, but even more of an inspiration and such a wonderful person. Levi made an impact and brought people together - even complete strangers in an urgent care office.

I have no doubt that Levi's Legacy will live on and continue to bring light into this world!

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Rebecca Wilkins
Rebecca Wilkins
Sep 27, 2023

This is such a sweet story Lindsey, thank you for sharing it ❤️

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