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Good Memories of Levi - Alex Jolly

The most memorable time I have of Levi was when he and Emily came with my family to Vienna, Austria. It was the first time I had ever really hung out or bonded with him and it was just awesome, I kept telling my sisters and parents how great he is and how much I enjoyed spending time with him and Emily, and we were still on the trip.

Another big thing for my mind is that, the day before he passed, my mom and I were talking about who to invite to me and my fiancé’s wedding, and we of course added Levi and Emily to the list, and I kid you not, I went on a side note for at least 5 minutes just telling my mom how much I like Levi and Emily and how I thought Levi is one of the nicest, most humble, down to earth, and just flat out like-able guys I’ve ever met….just from the one week with him in my whole life.

I also talked about how him and Emily are an incredible couple, and how him being the insanely kind, and enjoyable guy that his is, especially after his run in with cancer while having three kids…is impressive. And finally, the fact that this (practically word for word) conversation I had with my mom, happened the day before he passed, gives me comfort that while he is up there above us, lookin back in everything, he’ll know that I meant what I said and that I wasn’t just trying to find something nice to say about him after the fact. He’ll know he made a positive impact on everyone, including someone like me who he’s only ever spent a few days with total… Just an incredibly great guy and I just wish I could have seen him again.

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